Terms of Service

1 - The facegospel is a social networking site exclusively for people of the Gospel.
2 - The services provided by social network facegospel are free.
3 - To become a member of facegospel have to be evangelical. Shall not be expelled from the Evangelical facegospel.
4 - The facegospel reserves the right not to accept and / or ban people from the site according to the terms of service.
5 - It is strictly forbidden on the site link facegospell any materials or content that is illegal, immoral, out of the nature of the Gospel, and pornography of any kind that will hurt the Biblical principles, Christian, law and international human rights.
6 - To participate in the social network facegospel and remain a member indefinitely, is expected to conduct a virtual evangelical Christian community facegospel. Members who disregard the moral principles of the Christian facegospel will be banned.
7 - The members of facegospel Any extra should immediately denounce unacceptable conduct of members when found.
8 - If you feel harmed or slandered by Any extra content posted, report it immediately to facegospel. If you do not communicate on a facegospel content that you seek damages and compensation for moral damages, the act characterizes bad faith, and you will have to answer in court for the act in bad faith.
9 - The facegospel does not request sensitive personal data on the site, by email or phone. The facegospel does not disclose or share your data with third parties facegospel account, request except by court order.
10 - To register, you must accept and agree to these terms of service, create an account or access facegospel facegospel using your Facebook account or Twitter.